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In this article, we'll tell you how to make money from viewing ads, and how to make money for your projects if you're an advertiser. And the most important thing is that both of these goals can easily be achieved with OfferToro, an ultra-efficient monetization service that combines earning opportunities for both app and website owners and their users.

If you've heard that you can make money just by watching ads (surfing), yes, it's true. This type requires absolutely no education, tricky abilities, or special skills, and therefore is available to absolutely everyone. No investment or expertise is required - there are no age restrictions at all. It's pretty easy to get started. This job is so simple that most beginners don't need any guidance or instructions. Just sign up and log into your account, click on ads every day, and get paid.

Advertisers pay to promote their ads, while members get money for viewing them. Such activity is aimed at generating profits for the creators of the game, but users are not left out, because they get access to premium items and content without investing real money, or simply to make money on the Internet in this way.

Rewarded Video Ads and Offerwalls

These are related ways of "alternative" monetization. Rewarded video advertisements are promos that provide the player with in-game currency or bonuses, e.g. a booster that decreases the amount of time it takes to complete a level. This method is mostly used by developers of mobile and social games. But, at a time when you unwillingly watch such ads in other applications for free, you get nothing but virtual bonuses, and the advertiser because of this receives a small amount of low-quality traffic to its resources.

To get income from viewing ads, you just need to do what you are familiar with, but on the OfferToro monetization service. An important advantage of this website for users to earn real money on the Internet using such a platform is that you can start earning real money today. Also for the advertisers, the main advantage of the OfferToro service for the promotion of websites and applications is that you get the opportunity to attract a lot more quality traffic to your resources, with a wise allocation of your budget, in comparison with the classic advertising companies, which often do not give the expected results. Rewarded video ads appear as a specific line on the offerwall - a special page where users are offered to watch a video, download a third-party application or take other actions. All of the above are paid with financial rewards.

The advantages of using Rewarded Ads on OfferToro promotion service

It will be useful for website and app owners to know that both reward video ads and offerwalls can be added to products with the help of special SDK advertising tools. All the tools you need to integrate advertising offers are available on the OfferToro website. Also, by registering as an advertiser, you can read the detailed documentation of the projects. Therefore, with an arsenal of turnkey solutions for your business, the OfferToro team will help you quickly implement all the necessary steps to make your business grow from the first days of the partnership.

As a distinct point, we want to note that regardless of whether you want to start making money by watching rewarded ads on the Internet, or you own your website and want your product to grow using a solid strategy and the experience of the whole team - when working with OfferToro promotion service you can clearly see the effectiveness of your choice and how easy it is to work on this platform, with an intuitive interface of personal account, and many other advantages that you will notice during the work process.

Thus, after a comprehensive study of the OfferToro monetization service, our editors can recommend you by consensus to go to the official website of this platform to be able to use all the available tools in your work and increase your earnings today.